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The proper handling of multiple languages with distinct dialects across many species is a complex proposition. Much of the vocabulary and proper names are derived from the dominant civilization of the Ra'Kashan. When referring to other species directly, every effort has been made to render terms or names in their native form.

When referencing terms that do not have a glossonym, typically the Ra'Kashan vocabulary has been used except where otherwise noted.

For example, the host stars and homeworlds of Rela, Tol Mallorn and Deros are used, when the native inhabitants either do not bother with proper names for such things or are unable to render a proximate translation. However, in the case of Gal or Terra, their native speakers have been able to communicate these terms directly.

Many of the inhabitants of Exis share a passing facility with several languages, but most rely upon Kadish or Hand Kadish for communication with each other.

Some species comprehension is limited anatomically or psychologically to direct communication. For example, the Seravin do not share a concept of color, common to that of the Ra'Kashan or Terrans. The Noble concept of color is even more exotic. Visual acuity alone opens a vast gulf between common perception.

The Seravin perceive light in the same spectrum as the Terrans or the Ra'Kashan, but perceive only light or darkness. In fact, they are called eyeless although strictly speaking, this is not so. The Nobles of Aerlan; however, perceive radiation in an extremely wide band and therefore, view both the Terrans and Ra'Kashan as mostly blind.

The Terrans, Ra'Kashan and Dteygalli are each able to communicate with each other directly. The Seravin and the Prisoner of Kesh are likewise able to communicate directly, although only in the Seravin language.

The Kesh are able to comprehend and mimic other lingual species language, but it is typically one way. Most are unable to adequately reproduce their language back to them. Artificial means of communication have been developed.

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