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Exis is the parent title of a body of work intended to span hundreds, if not thousands of years. Subtitles, like Exis: Founders below, focus on different events or time period in the fictional universe of Exis.

This wiki is intended to serve as a kind of overall history or background lore for the title. It is also just immensely entertaining to the author.

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Exis: Homeworlds

Events long before the Crucible, first human contact, wars with the Ra'Kashan, some stories go even farther back, such as those for the Kesh. This will focus on each of the major races in their native environment prior to or during their first outside contact with other species.

Exis: Crucible

These events take place several hundred years ago and revolves mostly around the planning of the human insurrection.

Exis: Masada

The culmination of the human insurrection.

Exis: Dark Passage

The transit from Kanadris to Exis.

Exis: Founders

Exis: Founders is a Multiplayer Persistent World Browser Based Game (MPBBG) written in PHP/HTML visually presented in 2D isometric perspective. These are the first of our characters to actually arrive in the Exis system and begin settling the habitable moon orbiting the titular gas giant.

For purposes of orientation, the events in Founders occur approximately five hundred years before the main title setting, Exis, below.


MMORPG. Main title setting, "current day" for our characters. About 6,000 years from now.

Exis: Pax Terranus

The Human Peace. This would include the reintroduction of altered Humans into the universe and the culmination of their revenge. This would be the basis for one of the larger Xpacs, although probably not the first. I want to ease the players back into spaceflight and potentially colonization before that.

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